Welcome to Abenteuer Erzberg. Visit the biggest and most modern open-pit mining zone of Central Europe, the most important iron ore deposit of the Alps, cradle of Austrian industrialization, and scene of the toughest Enduro-race in the world: the Erzbergrodeo.

Abenteuer Erzberg combines modern open-pit mining with historical underground mining, and offers future prospects. You will experience pure Erzberg-feeling at our offered tours: the Hauly Adventure Trip, the live blast in the active mining area, the round tour in our mystical Show Mine, and the brandnew open-air exhibition “Erlebnisreich Erzberg”.


Keep in mind that we can offer English guided tours only for larger groups. Thank you for your understanding.


  Never have you been so close to active mining than during our Hauly trip. The brand-new trip leads you through the active open-pit mining area, where drilling, blasting, digging, and hauling is done extensively every day. Thereby you stop at very interesting locations, like the fully automated fine ore >>>


  A moment of complete silence as every machine on the Erzberg is idle. Then you hear the countdown via walkie-talkie, shortly before the blaster is completing his masterpiece and you can watch tons of moving stone breaking off the mountain. This is possible, because once a week open-pit mining >>>


  At the heart of the mountain – that is where you are when you visit our open-air exhibition “Erlebnisreich Erzberg”. At the guided walking-tour you are extremely close to the active mining area. The exhibits show machines and tools used in the 20th century, but you can also meet >>>


  In this adventure trip you enter the underground world of the miners. An old miners’ train called “Katl” takes you 1.5 kilometers into the depths of the iron mountain, thereby passing many old tunnels, shafts, old trains and wagons. At the final stop, you start your walk through the >>>

Information and Booking

Admission Fees

“Single Ticket” Haulytrip /
Open-air Exhibition Erlebnisreich Erzberg / Show Mine
Adults € 18,00
Children (4 – 15 years) € 9,00
Teenagers (15 – 18 years), Students* € 15,00
“Combined Tickets” Haulytrip + Show Mine /
Haulytrip + Open-air Exhibition Erlebnisreich Erzberg
Adults € 32,00
Children (4 – 15 years) € 16,00
Teenagers (15 – 18 years), Students* € 28,00
“Single Ticket Special” Haulytrip and Live Blast
Adults € 27,00
Children (4 – 15 years) € 15,00
Teenagers (15 – 18 years), Students* € 23,00
“Combined Tickets Special” Haulytrip with Live Blast+
Show Mine or Open-air Exhibition
Adults € 40,00
Children (4 – 15 years) € 22,00
Teenagers (15 – 18 years), Students* € 34,00
“Complete Package” (4,5 hours)
Adults € 49,00
Children (4 – 15 years) € 27,00
Teenagers (15 – 18 years), Students* € 42,00


Children under the age of 4 years can take our tours for free.
* student ID required