At the heart of the mountain – that is where you are when you visit our open-air exhibition “Erlebnisreich Erzberg”. At the guided walking-tour you are extremely close to the active mining area. The exhibits show machines and tools used in the 20th century, but you can also meet witnesses of 18th century mining. At the so-called “Oswaldirücken” you are going to be deeply moved by Nature’s impressive powers to reclaim its former territory 30 years after this part of the mountain was closed for mining. At the same time the nice vista lets you realize how incredibly vast the open-pit mining area of the Erzberg is. This exhibition combines the past and the future in an exciting way.

The trip takes 1.5 hours.

Some of the displays:

  • Eimco Lader 630 (year of manufacture: 1949)
  • Power shovel (excavator; year of manufacture: 1937)
  • electric locomotive 8/200 (year of manufacture: 1941)
  • Eimco Loader with conveyor belt (year of manufacture: 1948)
  • Scooptram (loader used in underground tunnels)
  • ancient stone pillar called “Dietrichsteinsäule”
  • historical buildings (e.g. “Wassertonnenaufzug” – a former hoist)
  • underground tunnels