A moment of complete silence as every machine on the Erzberg is idle. Then you hear the countdown via walkie-talkie, shortly before the blaster is completing his masterpiece and you can watch tons of moving stone breaking off the mountain. This is possible, because once a week open-pit mining is adapted to the Hauly trip offered by Abenteuer Erzberg. Why is the mining company doing this? Simply because we want you to see this impressive spectacle at the Erzberg, which normally only a few chosen workers can see.

At the “Talstation”, our starting point, you board the Hauly – dumper, which takes you into the mining area thereby passing the hotspots of open-pit mining at the Erzberg. Finally, you reach the exclusive spot where you can see the blast.

After the tour you get a nice souvenir: an official report of the blast which is used by the mining company. It contains detailed information about the blast you have witnessed.


The trip takes 1 hour.

The impressive real blast – Hard Facts

  • boreholes are 27 meters deep
  • up to 80,000 tons of stone are blasted
  • dumpers with a loading capacity of 120 tons take the stone to the big crusher
  • the bucket capacity of a wheel loader is 11m3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Booking of the real blast is mandatory! Keep in mind: You have to be at our reception building 30 minutes before the tour starts (8:30 am).