In this adventure trip you enter the underground world of the miners. An old miners’ train called “Katl” takes you 1.5 kilometers into the depths of the iron mountain, thereby passing many old tunnels, shafts, old trains and wagons. At the final stop, you start your walk through the Show Mine, which is roughly 800 meters. See the tectonic evolution of the Erzberg, meet the legendary creature “Wassermann” which told the villagers where to find the precious mineral centuries ago, or watch an underground blast. If you want to experience the miners’ hard work underground firsthand, you can try out tools: fill an old miner’s cart with material using a “filling trough”, or work with a drill that is powered by compressed air and was used in 20th century underground mining.

Sublime and unforgettable your trip ends at St. Barbara’s chapel, the most sacred and important place for the faithful miners.


The trip takes 1.5 hours.

New since 2016: The local brewer of the “Erzberg Brewery” stores his precious Erzberg-beer in our Show Mine and lets it aging there. If you want to taste and buy this delicious beverage, visit our Haulyshop or the local brewery.

The Show Mine – Hard Facts

  • 800 meter tour
  • The interesting tectonic evolution of the Erzberg
  • The legend of the “Wassermann”
  • details of underground drilling and blasting methods
  • details of loading and transport methods
  • stop at the sacred St. Barbara’s chapel

TIP: Especially on extremely hot summer days you can enjoy the cool breeze of 8 degrees above zero in our mine. If you like wearing softshell jackets and sturdy shoes you are most welcome.

Our Show Mine is safe! It has the seal of approval of the “Hauptstelle für das Grubenrettungs- und Gasschutzwesen GmbH”.