The following abstract was written by Robert Galler, head of the department of Subsurface Engineering at the Montanuniversität Leoben and head of the project “Research@ZaB—Zentrum am Berg”:

“The creation of sustainable infrastructure is increasingly developed in underground facilities. In terms of construction and maintenance this leads to greater challenges for construction-, transport- and energy-providing companies. Same is the case for emergency organizations, as well as to ensure the safety for the users of the infrastructure. With the project “Research@ZaB—Zentrum am Berg” an underground facility for research, development, education and training purposes shall be established. On the one hand the centre should meet the requirements of public institutions, on the other hand it represents a “development factory” for private companies as well as concerned universities.” (Galler, R. Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte [2016] vol. 161: 76)


In the future, a network of tunnels at the Erzberg can be used for research in, for instance,  applied geophysics, geology, thermal dynamics, and subsurface engineering. Furthermore, it can be used as a center of training for firefighters, police, and other emergency organizations, as well as maintenance personell. Last but not least, it can be used as training facility for novice drivers.

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