Never have you been so close to active mining than during our Hauly trip. The brand-new trip leads you through the active open-pit mining area, where drilling, blasting, digging, and hauling is done extensively every day. Thereby you stop at very interesting locations, like the fully automated fine ore deposit, or some of the most striking points of the Erzbergrodeo.

Experience firsthand the fascinating work of the miners. Watch the huge dumpers and wheel loaders riding over the many benches of the mountain. There you will notice that our “visitors’ Haulys”, Hauly I and Hauly II, are old guys compared to the new dumpers. These new giants do their duty playfully, still they look like dwarfs compared to the big iron mountain.

Book your trip today and experience active mining tomorrow.


The trip takes 1 hour.

The Hauly – Hard Facts

  • length: 11.5 meters, width: 5.5 meters, height: 4.5 meters
  • 860 HP V-12 Cummins 4-stroke engine
  • fuel consumption: 50 – 55 liters per hour
  • maximum speed: 60 km/h  (37 mph)
  • 7-gear automatic transmission
  • tare weight: 55 tons
  • wheel diameter: 2.6 meters



TIP: You should visit us more than once, as our Hauly trip changes daily due to open-pit mining.