Your adventure starts at the Talstation, Trofengbachgasse 13, 8790 Eisenerz. This historical building awaits you with modern features.



Abenteuer Erzberg combines modern open-pit mining with historical underground mining, and offers future prospects. You will experience pure Erzberg-feeling at our offered tours: the Hauly Adventure Trip, the live blast in the active mining area, the round tour in our mystical Show Mine, and the brandnew open-air exhibition “Erlebnisreich Erzberg”.

As soon as you enter the Talstation, you will see the fast development in mining. An interactive touchscreen  nicely shows you humans’ impact in nature. You can see how constant mining has changed the appearance of the iron mountain. Just click and be astonished.

Here is an interesting fact: This building where you get your tickets and start your tours was the first building that the miners entered every early morning from the 1920s to 1965. From this building the miners were taken to their workplace or to the settlements at the Erzberg by the “Hugo-Stinnes Schrägaufzug”, a funicular railway. Talstation, by the way, means something like “valley station”. Even tourists used this funicular railway to visit the mountain house of the Erzberg, which was 1,220 meters above sea-level, and which was the final stop of the funicular railway. Unfortunately, the Hugo-Stinnes Schrägaufzug was removed. Since 1987, the Talstation has been the reception building of Abenteuer Erzberg. Still, the distinctive shape of the building is a constant reminder of the ancient use of it.


The Talstation does not only offer impressions of mining, the Haulyshop and Haulyrestaurant happily invites guests to stay for a while. Last but not least, visitors can gaze at the Vernissage Erzberg, a photo exhibition by Dr. August Zölbl.



Tip: Next to the Talstation, there is a playground for kids, and an old blast bunker with special functionalities can be entered.


Important information: Near the Talstation is a big parking lot for our guests (no charge!). Camping with caravans at our parking lot is allowed too.

The Haulyrestaurant

The team of the Haulyrestaurant is happy to serve you delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Before, between, or after the tours you can sit there and enjoy your dish. Our patio is comfortable, as well as spectacular, as you have a direct view at our visitors’ dumpers Hauly I+II.

The Haulyshop

Visit our shop and purchase mining souvenirs, including precious minerals, fine ore from the Erzberg, tools, toys (like wheel loaders and dumpers), and much, much more …