Abenteuer Erzberg

Europe's most modern open-pit mine to experience up close

Abenteuer Erzberg

Europe's most modern open-pit mine to experience up close.

The incredible silhouette above ground, the exciting adventure tour in the Show Mine underground and an adventure ride in the world's largest taxi, the new 1.217 hp Hauly, fall under the category "You have to have seen and experienced this!" Abenteuer Erzberg lets you dive into authentic ore mining. To the visitor information

Abenteuer Erzberg combines history with the present, allows guests to experience open-pit mining at first hand, provides insights into the miners' everyday work and shows glimpses of the future of the mine. Whether you are alone, a family or a group, you can book your tour with Abenteuer Erzberg.

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Here you can book your tickets and tours at Abenteuer Erzberg online (for up to 19 people). The booked tickets have to be collected from our reception half an hour before the tour starts and paid for on site. The reservation can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 h beforehand.

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The Styrian Erzberg

Ore Mining. Science & Research. Sport.

The Erzberg is the largest open-pit mine in Central Europe, the most important ore deposit in the Alps, a symbol of industrialisation and a central part of the Iron Route. Rock has been mined at the Styrian Erzberg for more than 1300 years. The hard work of many men and women brought it to its present form from 1890 onwards.

Today, a total of 12 million tons of rock are produced annually in the multi-level open-pit mine using state-of-the-art technology. The produced annual quantity of 3.2 million tonnes of pure iron ore is shipped to Voestalpine AG, based in Linz and Donawitz. Through investments, technical innovations and a high-quality product, the mine is secured for the next decades. Furthermore, with the help of successful cooperations, for example with the University of Leoben and the research project "Zentrum am Berg", VA Erzberg is positioning itself as a global player in the network of innovative companies.

The Erzberg, a place with an exciting present

The Erzberg and the city of Eisenerz have a rich past and a unique treasure of natural and cultural landscapes. As a result, the largest pyramid in the world is a centre of attraction for numerous tourists.

Athletes have also discovered it for themselves. Thrilling scenes from the toughest and most famous off-road motorbike race in the world - the Erzbergrodeo - are broadcast year after year via TV and show how the world's best enduro motorcyclists cut their teeth on the mountain of iron. The RED BULL HARE SCRAMBLE in particular is a spectacle in a class of its own for spectators. The attractive dominance and uniqueness of the Ore Mountain are also popular motifs in art. Numerous works from the fields of painting, photography and film art bear witness to this.

Ore Mining at the Styrian Erzberg: Facts & Figures

(Status 2022)


Ore mining by VA Erzberg in the largest open-pit mine in Central Europe

12 million tons of rock

Ore production: 3.2 million tons of iron ore

Annual explosives consumption: approx. 1,500 tons

Drilling metres per year: approx. 130,000 metres

14 heavy-duty trucks (SLKW), 6 wheel loaders, 3 large excavators are in use around the clock

Events at Erzberg

In addition to the best conditions for off-road and fun sports competitions, the mountain offers an interesting location for seminars and indoor events for up to 120 people:
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Upcoming events

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13.07. - 20.07.2024
Erzberg Adventure Days
Austria's biggest mountain running event: Erzberg Run

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Photo: Red Bull