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How do I reach Abenteuer Erzberg?

Navi address for the journey: Vordernberger Straße 55
8790 Eisenerz, Austria

Do I have a parking space?

Free visitor parking is available, for both cars and buses.

Where can I redeem my voucher?

Our vouchers can only be redeemed at the ticket office in the Valley Station.

Is the tour suitable for young children?

Yes, but we recommend children from the age of 4. The path underground is not suitable for prams and back carriers, slings are possible.

Can I take my dog with me?

No, dogs are not allowed in the Show Mine and on the Hauly.

How long does a guided tour last?

Show Mine: 90 minutes
Hauly Ride: 60 minutes
Exhibition Oswaldiruecken: 90 minutes

What is the temperature underground?

The temperature is 6 - 8°C. The humidity is approx. 98 %. We recommend warmer clothing and sturdy shoes.

Which clothes are best suited?

We recommend sturdy shoes and warm clothing (functional clothing) in the Show Mine. According to the regulations, a helmet must be worn on our tours. We provide the helmets, of course. 

Can I film and take pictures?

Filming and taking pictures for private purposes during the tours offered by Abenteuer Erzberg is permitted and desired too. For commercial purposes: Photo and film productions at Erzberg are subject to a fee and require a permit.

Is it possible to visit without a guided tour?

No, because you are in an active mining area.

Is there free WiFi?

Yes, we have free WiFi for our visitors in the Valley Station.

Are there audio guides?

In addition to guided tours in German, there are also audio guides in English.

How far is the walk through the Show Mine?

There are 800 metres and about 175 steps to climb.

Is a visit to the Show Mine suitable for claustrophobics?

For your own protection, you are unfortunately not allowed to visit the Show Mine.

Can I visit the Show Mine with a rollator?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for safety reasons and for reasons of space.

Can I visit the Show Mine with a wheelchair?

Unfortunately, our destination is not barrier-free.

What can I not take into the Show Mine?

Heavy objects (large backpacks), motorbike helmets, prams


Meeting point for a group tour?

Meeting point is in front of the Valley Station. We may ask the person in charge of the group to pick up the ticket for the group at the reception.



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