“Abenteuer Erzberg"


“Abenteuer Erzberg" experience

The "Erzberg Adventure" - experience starts at the Valley Station reception building for all visitors. The historic building is the reception area for our guests and at the same time the starting point for the journey into the largest open-pit mine in Central Europe.

In addition to the first impressions of the world of mining, the Valley Station offers visitors many other options. Guests can take delicious, regional meals in the Hauly restaurant before setting off on their tours.

Group reservations

Group reservations for groups of 20 people or more are possible via the booking request form. Group reservations, tours, blasting and the menu in the Hauly restaurant can be arranged individually.


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Combined tour

Hauly + Show Mine

The combination of an adventure tour of the underground mine and an adventure ride in the world's largest taxi, the new 1.217-horsepower Hauly, guarantees an up-close experience of open-pit mining with insights into the miners' everyday work and glimpses of future mining.

Duration approx. 3 h, costs € 17-34 per person from Mon-Sun, several times daily, tours start at 10:00 a.m. (alternative dates on request).

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Hauly Ride

Adventure ride

In the world's largest taxi with 1.217 horsepower - the new Hauly - you will go along the benches of the ore mountain and watch the other heavy-duty trucks and wheel loaders at work. You will learn interesting facts about ore mining above ground and the miners' everyday work.

Duration approx. 55 min, costs € 11-22 per person from Mon-Sun, several times daily, tours start at 10:00 a.m. (alternative dates on request).

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Show Mine

In the underground labyrinth of Erzberg

During the guided tour through the underground labyrinth of the ore mountain, you will learn about the working world of the underground miners. You will learn about the history of the Erzberg's origins, experience the Aquarius legend about the discovery of the mountain and an audio-visually staged blasting.

Duration approx. 90 min, costs € 11-22 per person from Mon-Sun, several times a day, tours start at 10:00 a.m. (alternative dates on request).

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Open-air Exhibition


The extensive "Oswaldiruecken" open-air exhibition area at 878 metres above sea level invites visitors to take an eventful walk with many exhibits from the past, present and future, and at the same time offers authentic live experience cinema "open-pit mining up close".

Duration approx. 90 min, cost € 7-14 per person from Mon-Sun, from 10:00 a.m., rain-free weather required (alternative dates on request).

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Hauly Adventure Ride incl. Live Blasting

You will witness how up to 80,000 tonnes of rock are blasted out of the mountain. You will learn details about blasting during the blasting process. As a souvenir to take home, you get the original blasting report.

Duration approx. 75 min, cost € 16-32 per person every Thursday, start at 08:30 (alternative dates on request).

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Radwerk IV Combined Tour

Blast Furnace Museum, Hauly and Show Mine

The tour of the original charcoal blast furnace Radwerk IV is a journey into the past. Together with the guided tour through the underground Show Mine and the Hauly adventure trip above ground, this makes for a day-filling programme.

Duration approx. 4 h, costs € 22-42 per person, Saturdays, start at 09:30 at Radwerk IV in Vordernberg (alternative dates on request).

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Events at Erzberg

In addition to the best conditions for off-road and fun sports competitions, the mountain offers an interesting location for seminars and indoor events for up to 120 people:
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Upcoming events

Erzberg Rodeo

Krone Adventure Days 

Austria's biggest mountain running event: Erzberg Run

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